New Sempai Aug 2013

On Saturday August 17th 2013 Sparks Martial Arts promoted its newest 1st Degree Black Belts (Sempai’s) Sempai means “Older brother or older sister in the knowledge of karate” Congratulations to Sempai Lauren Ricketts, Sempai Jason Berkwits and Sempai Kelly McCann on their achievement! This is a celebration of hard work, perseverance, and a non-quitting spirit. Their test included:

GGP (General Physical  Preperation)  basic skills, mitt drills , fighting forms, shadow fighting, full contact kickboxing sparring, wood breaking and finally close range self-defense. People always ask the question are blacks belts masters??? A short answer is yes… a master of the basics!  Now their real training begins, more hard work, more discipline and more advanced techniques. Being a black belt comes with responsibility and we are sure these three are up to the challenge.


-Sensei Sparks



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