Sensei Kris Sparks

Head Instructor

Sensei Kris Sparks is a 2nd Degree Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Black Belt. He received his certificate from Joe Lewis and is the ONLY JLFS Black Belt in the Charlotte Area. He is also a 1st Degree Black Belt under Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Superfoot Systems.

Sensei Sparks has a background in education. While attending LaSalle University he studied a double major in Elementary and Special Education. This allows for some of the best children and youth programs offered in the area.

Sensei Kris Sparks is a former Full Contact MMA Fighter, Karate Champion, Naga Champion, Kickboxer and Amateur Boxer.

Sensei Sparks has over 29 years of Martial Arts training including: Karate, Kickboxing, Aikido, Submission Grappling, Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu.

Sensei Sparks continues to train under the supervision of Steve Snyder, LDMA, in High Point NC practicing Joe Lewis Kickboxing Fighting System and Brazilian JiuJitsu.

Sensei Kris Sparks is committed to continuing his martial arts education in order to deliver world class instruction to his students.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION:  Sensei (先生) is a Japanese word that is literally translated as “person born before another”.  In general usage, it is used, with proper form, after a person’s name, and means “teacher” and the word is used as a title to refer to or address teachers, professors, professionals and other figures of authority.

Sensei Sparks Championship Fight NAGA Atlanta 2011

Sensei with Joe Lewis

Sensei with Linda Lee
(Bruce Lee’s Wife)

Sensei with Superfoot Wallace and Steve Snyder

Sensei with 8X World Champion Robson Moura

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